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Green Tea

Green tea is prepared by drying the leaves collected from the Indian plant Kamelia (Camelia sinensis). It is particularly popular in East Asian countries.

It is rich in antioxidants and it is good for your health. With 6 basic polyphenols for its energizing ingredients, green tea is one of the most beneficial beverages. The Chinese have been using it as a medicine for over 4000 years.

GREEN CLASSIC TEA Tea proportion/cup Time Water Temperature
Gunpowder 1gr 2-4min. 70οC
Sencha 1gr 2-4min. 70οC
Bancha 1gr 2-4min. 70οC
Gyokuro 1gr 2-4min. 70οC
Yunnan 1gr 2-4min. 70οC





Time Water Temperature

Green Apple

Apple, ibiscus, wild rose, sultana, rosepetals, sunflower, mate, lemongrass, green tea, flavour

 2 6-8min. 90οC

Green Christmas

Apple, ibiscus flower, wild rose, sultana, orange, cinnamon, carnation, peper, cardamom, rosepetals, sunflower, mate, lemongrass, green tea, flavour

 1 4-5min. 90οC


Green Tea, lemongrass, flavour

 1 3-4min. 80οC
Green Tea, with flavour      


Green tea, flavour

 1 3-4min. 80οC


Green Tea, orange pieces, flavour

 1 3-4min. 80οC


Green tea, ginger, flavour

 1 3-4min. 80οC


Green tea, jasmine flower, flavour

 1 3-4min. 80οC

Apple - Cinnamon

Green Tea, apple, cinnamon, ibiscus

 1 3-4min. 80οC


Green Tea, mastic

 1 3-4min. 80οC


Green tea, flavour

 1 3-4min. 80οC

Wild rose

Green tea, wild rose, rose petals

 1 3-4min. 80οC


Green tea, orange, flavor, cinammpon sticks

 1 3-4min. 80οC
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