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In HELLAFRIC S.A. we focus on quality assurance,  new methods, know-how  and international regulations.  We "accompany" and "monitor" the product throughout the entire journey, until we are sure that we offer "the best coffee" for every recipient.

With our passion, and  patience  along with the valuable help of our partners, we begin this journey by choosing the best raw coffee beans and heading together   towards  all steps:  growing, harvesting, processing, transportation, packaging, storage, maintenance in optimal conditions , roasting, grinding, cupping, distribution.

The best coffee beans are created when the ideal climate,  taste, the ideal soil and required shade are met and coexist.  Although the exact equation changes from region to region, our meticulous cultivation and processing always gives the finest coffee worldwide.

The dedication, hard work and long, deep friendly relations which we have with all our partners, from the producer to the transporter, give us confidence that the coffee reaches the final  recipient having fully retained 100% quality  as well as its rich and unique aroma.

However the emegance of its exceptional flavor in each grain cannot be achieved without attentive roasting.  Coffee roasting is an art, and that’s the way we deal with it. The coffee’s final featured  aroma results from the breakdown of raw grains and the changes it causes in the color, taste, aroma and density.

The green beans contain about the same protein and caffeine acidity as the  roasted, but not the taste and featured aroma of it. Each consumer can understand and appreciate the taste of coffee  when it is cooked carefully and processed manually.  This is the reason why we exclusively roast  small quantities of coffee in «small batch gas fired roasters» and let it air dry to maintain maximum freshness.

The next stage is the "hands of BARISTA» who with passion and craftsmanship,  care for the taste, aroma and appearance of coffee
In HELLAFRIC  SA we evaluate  our product through every stage of the production and during the process we  very often perform taste ratings called  "Cupping “ making sure each bag, each granule and every cup of coffee is of excellent quality. Using  the necessary equipment, proper sample preparation and the ideal environment, we achieve a better evaluation of the product.




COFFEE CUPPING:  Πώς δοκιμάζουν τον καφέ οι επαγγελματίες;

We believe and support that knowledge develops through comparison. The way to understand, but also to discuss  the knowledge about the nature of a specific coffee variety or origin requires a frame of reference,  and if the goal is to understand what it is that makes coffee from Kenya great, it is important to know first what makes it different  from other coffees. In other words, what it means to have a  "KENYA" taste

What is it that brings the taste of  Guatemala and Nicaragua coffee?

The evaluation of coffee within a framework of comparison  with a reflective, yet full of children’s curiosity approach, one can learn to recognize the basic features  of coffee taste from different geographical origin and different biological variety.

We could say that our goal is building a " reference library of flavours" which will be extremely useful as the basic knowledge, according to which will be examined and evaluated for every new coffee. Over the years a connoisseur (cupper) will learn to associate certain flavors from geographical areas and different botanical  varieties of coffee.

Possibly,  a phrase such as "this is the taste of bourbon from the region Santa Ana in El Salvador" can have some kind of  true meaning. It is important to remember however, that belief  has no place in tasting coffee. Every time  I feel that   I begin to understand a region, a coffee suddenly appears and shatters my expectations. Keeping  your mind open and your curiosity undiminished, is the most important factor  for a compenhesive gourmet coffee.


“There is no mystery in cupping ,only endless intrigue” gbw.

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