Having a successful cource in the field of importing and processing coffee, HELLAFRIC S.A. offers products of high standards, selected from the largest producing countries with best varieties, offering a "take off» the senses while travelling you in magical worlds even for the most demanding customers.

Having a successful course in the tea  import,  HELLAFRIC  also  offers  excellent quality products, selected from the largest producing countries with the best varieties.


Having a successful career in marketing area of frozen fish, in HELLAFRIC, we also offer and supply the market with the best quality fish and seafood at the most competitive prices.

A few words about us

In the light of specification and the provision of our high quality products, today we are a contemporary and dynamically developing company, while following International Quality Standards in :

  1. Processing coffee (roasting, grounding and packing)
  2. Import and trade Tea in Greece and abroad
  3. Importing Fish and Seafood in Greece and abroad

We also retail coffee, tea related products, and various beverages in our stores,under the brand “QUEEN’S Coffee & Tea”.

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