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Hellafric Quality



In HELLAFRIC S.A ,with a view to maintain the quality of our products, we  build trustworthy relationships  with our partners.  Our partnerships have been  built worldwide over many years and therefore we can  guarantee for the best quality even throughout difficult fishing periods.  

Through a distribution network consisting of wholesalers, catering companies and supermarkets our products arrive in Greece and abroad.

We do not  retail, but it is always our  pleasure in  providing our assistance,  recommending our partners who will be willing to cooperate with you.

We mainly specialize in Perch due to our  long experience in this product as we have maintained  the Perch factory on Lake Victoria  for many years  which is the largest tropical lake in Africa.

In HELLAFRIC S.A.  we import and distribute the best fish of  the major fishing countries like India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Argentina, Spain and New Zealand.

Numerous studies show that the consumer does not notice any difference between high quality frozen fish and fresh fish.

Therefore the "myth"  that  fresh fish is better quality than frozen, no longer exists. The quality of Fish  is just as good  and nutritious,  if properly frozen immediately after being caught.  

The factors that affect the quality of frozen fish in maintaining its freshness and taste, is  catching  time, cleanliness, time and the temperature of freezing.

In HELLAFRIC,   holding contant quality of our products, we choose, partners under strict control and criteria with international standards of quality and safety and who fulfill all the necessary requirements, aiming to minimize the time elapsing between the capture of the product, until distribution .

Our catches are collected on cleaner seas, where they are cleaned and frozen on the vessel, immediately after being caught  and maintained in deep-freeze refrigerators temperature -28˚C. For further protection of our products a layer of water is used, as the "protective tufa" which covers the catch.

Then, following the "journey" of our products until the final stage, we channel them to  the  market by  trucks or refrigerated vessels,  aiming to satisfy the needs of each professional / partner of ours.


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