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The best way to defrost is in the refrigerator from the night before. Place the product with its packaging on a dish to avoid any dripping. On average, 8-10 hours are required to fully thaw a piece of moderate size. For large chunks a little more time is needed. Do not try to speed up the process either by using warm (hot) water, or either by placing at room temperature. The slower it thaws, the better the quality, where deterioration in texture and taste is avoided as well as bacterial growth.

 • How to store your catches

Most importantly is to be very careful that the frozen seafood does not thaw at any stage in the slightest.

Our packages are always sealed airtight and provide the best possible protection and preservation of the quality of the catch. It keeps out moisture and other impurities, therefore retained therein until their consumption.

Good quality catches that are properly maintained, should be firm, hydrated, juicy and have a fresh smell of the sea.

 • Freezing time

In a house freezer temperature is -15˚C or lower, the storage time for each fishery is:

SQUID: 4-6 months.

ILLEX : 4-6 months

COD : 7-8 months

CUTTLEFISH: 4-6 months

PERCH: 5-6 months

SHRIMP: 6-7 months


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